Bike racks that don't rub the frame

Bike racks that don't rub the frame

Shuttle rash as it's commonly known are all those little rub marks, scratches and paint gouges that happen when transporting your bike by car. Having your bikes bump around and rub the rack or other bikes is an age old problem for riders, and one we've all probably tried multiple creative techniques to try and prevent. After all, there's nothing worse than realising your precious cargo has been damaged by preventable rubbing against your buddies pedal pins! If you've ever tried strapping four bikes to a two prong tow ball mount rack using old inner tubes, various bungees, rags, towels and bits of carpet then you know the struggle.

Modern Bike Rack

Now with RockyMounts shuttle rash is a thing of the past.

One of our founding principles was to create bike racks that don't rub the frame of your bike and eliminate the problems caused by bikes touching each other in transit.

The AfterParty and GuideRail hitch racks utilize dual load arms, completely eliminating frame or fork contact of the bikes. They allow for asymmetric bike loading to avoid handlebar interference, and create a simple aesthetic that virtually blends in with most vehicles.

If you're looking for a bike rack that's compatible with bikes running fenders, check out the HighNoon. Not only is it designed to transport bikes with fenders, because it only makes contact with the wheels your ride is protected from frame rub and shuttle rash.

Our MonoRail models are also designed to ensure that there's plenty of safe space between both your bikes and the rear of your vehicle. All of our hitch mounts also use our premium 3-axis anti wobble system to further eliminate unwanted movement whilst you travel. And if you accidently leave your car keys in the bag that you threw in the boot before loading the bikes, no worries, all our bike hitch racks move out of the way so you can access the rear of your vehicle with ease.

A bike roof rack is also a great option should you not have a tow hitch on your vehicle. As with our hitch racks, all of our roof racks are designed to not touch the frame and we leave the spacing on the roof up to you.

With so many options, struggling to load bikes safely will be a thing of the past. No matter where you plan to go with your bike in tow, bike racks from RockyMounts will keep your prized possessions safe, secure and blemish free throughout the trip. If only we could guarantee the same on the trails!

Happy Travels.


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