RockyMounts Anti-Wobble Technology

RockyMounts Anti-Wobble Technology

There are many subtle features that set RockyMounts Hitch Racks apart from the competition, but our exclusive, premium 3-axis anti-wobble system is the one feature that you have always wanted.

We redesigned how our Hitch Racks fit into your car’s hitch in 2019, adding the anti-wobble technology to the hitch mount. The secret is the small metal ball in the rack. Shhhh.

RockyMounts Anti-Wobble Hitch Racks

As you can see from the 3D render above, as you tighten the hitch bolt, it anchors into a parallel bolt while an internal block squeezes the inside wall of the hitch tongue all while a ball simultaneously drops into place to create 3 points of contact for the 3-axis system.

This creates a firm and wobble free connection, eliminating play and vibration, which in turn extends the life of your Hitch Rack as excessive vibration is one of the major factors that contribute to wear of the rack.

As explained in multiple reviews of our Hitch Racks, this system is hard to beat, and the feeling you get from having your bike rack NOT wobble around behind your vehicle is one of security and confidence.

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